Talk doesn’t cook rice

IMG_2069‘Talk doesn’t cook rice’ is an old Chinese proverb. My brother said it to me a few years ago while we were painting his house. I guess I was spending too much time jabbering (or smoking, or just plain procrastinating). Took me a few seconds (ok then, minutes) to work out what he meant.

Sometimes we spend too much time talking, and not enough time actually doing. Well some of us do anyway.

I have a friend who completely changed his career to become a cake-maker/chocolatier. He creates the most amazing chocoates from scratch. It’s hard going, but he’s determined and passionate about what he does, and is starting to enjoy the prospect of some well earned success. (The definition of success deserves a blog of its own…).

I remember the day we met up in town, and over a pint he talked me through his plans. How many times do you hear people talking about something they are going to do? Especially in a pub. And how many times do they actually do it? Many times, and not often in my case.

I’m impressed with him, and by his success, but it does make me question myself.

Am I all talk, or can I do something similar?

Rice is a wonderful thing. Especially when it’s cooked.


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