The perfect Chapati?

Puffed_up_chapatiI’ve been trying to make the perfect chapati for a few years now.

I remember watching a documentary years ago showing Indian people make them. It looked so simple: some flour and water into a bowl, some mixing and kneading then rolling them out. And there you have a big pile of about 20, ready to feed the family. It’s not that simple though…

There’s an ongoing debate about the best method and ingredients. Some say to put oil in, some say no oil. Others say that you need to add yoghurt (or curds as it is often called in India), some say not….

The first batch I tried (ok, the first few batches) were like cardboard, some were more like shoe leather – some an unpleasant combination of the two. Aside from reminding me of the Charlie Chaplin film where he eats his own shoe like a delicacy, it was an unpleasant experience.

The batch I made last night went better than some of the ones before. Will post the recipe if anyone is interested. Don’t get too excited, but there’s a link to the movie of the chapati puffing up if you want to see it here. It’s a proud moment for me!